The Brewery

The Brewery
Ashley Down Brewery HQ

A little bit of history...

Now, after much encouragement and positive feedback from family,
friends and passers-by – the garage backs on to a well used lane – he has
finally bitten the bullet and expanded the operation.
This has taken a while: the garden has been dug up to install water,
electricity and drainage. New equipment has been installed in the
garage and is almost ready to produce the inaugural brew using quality
ingredients from Warminster Maltings and Charles Farram. Meanwhile,
the house, which was used initially for fermentation, has now been
reclaimed by the family.
Vince is a self-taught brewer who knows what he likes. Two
favourite recipes include Vanguard, a 3.9 per cent dark ale, brewed
with stacks of roast malt, complimented with loads of residual sweetness
and Ashley Down Best, a well-balanced 4.2 per cent hazelnut-coloured
best bitter, hopped with plenty of Goldings, Fuggles and Bodicea. They
could be making an appearance at the Bristol Beer Festival and should
hopefully be arriving at a pub near you soon, so do look out for them.
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